shopdk. offers new street wear apparel and products through our e-commerce site

~ Thursday // 17 October 2013 ~

Today, we're very excited to share much of the hard work we've been putting in for the last couple of months. Today, the brand opens up shopdk, our new apparel and product e-commerce site along with our three debut products - two 'Original Series Sweaters' and the 'Southern Link Tee.' 

As an attempt to pay homage to the city of Melbourne, and those people who've provided an endless amount of inspiration, shopdk will be opening exclusively in Australia. The philosophy being: we want to take care of those that took the time to care for us. But, to everyone outside this country, all your care and support doesn't go unnoticed; in fact, we've already starting planning some big things for our America debut (taking place early 2014). 

With all that being said, we'd be humbled for you to peruse our shop. Let us know what you think and how every looks by shooting us a post on our Facebook page ... we'd love to know what you guys think.

To check out all our new stuffgo ahead and click the new "shop" button above // and for a more detailed look on our first round of apparel, select the product below (or just head over to our blog).

- Original Series: dk. sweaters (ox blood or black)
- The Southern Links Tee

We appreciate any level of support, and ever penny of sales will go to further the brand, improve our site, produce new products, and everything else a start-up needs.

 ~ good vibes ~

~ Daniel.