Created in February 2013, The dk. Brand is a project deeply rooted in the idea of phenomenology ... a philosophy that can be described as "the process of letting things manifest in themselves," and "reawaken a sense of wonder about one's own environment." (Heidegger & Fairey) 

With today's acceptance of advertisement bombardment, much of the general public expects branded messages to be spoon-fed, rather than thought provoking - dk. is a response to that notion. Much of the brand's work lives to cause a reaction, which allows the meaning behind our work to be subjective to each independent viewer. 

We're looking to create a network of creatives that span the art spectrum, foster collaboration, and use dk. as a medium to showcase new art... simply put, the brand is ever evolving. Breaking the notion of the traditional 'brand,' dk. isn't subject to the restraints of a particular category - the brand produces quality visuals in any field.