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I'd like to say it around last month or so ... regardless, I picked up an internship with Sky Valet Shoes down in Georgetown. As of right now, I'm in charge of, well, everything digital. He's been in business for a while, but honestly missed the whole digital curve (and that's where I come in).

Step 1: Design him a logo. He sells a lot of high-end British, Italian, and Spanish shoes; that being said, I wanted to keep the whole "gentleman," "sophisticated," and "established" feel, but also throw in something a little more modern. The slides below go through the different logo phases (starting with his original design and ending with our final product).

Step 2: We're doing a complete relaunch of the brand ... so we've got to get our name out there somehow. Luckily for us, we've got an entire 28+ years of customer data (emails, addresses, names, etc.) which means we're doing a (drum roll) email blast ... But, to spruce it up a bit, I designed a little "on-line letterhead" to copy the email onto. Should be a nice little touch.

Step 3: Let's start introducing some new shipments and products on Facebook. Below are the three images used as "introduction" posts on Facebook; the goal with these was simple: grab and hold the consumers attention with a powerful, creative image, and then shift them to another social media platform (in this case Tumblr) for more information. Personally, I love these images.

Step 4: Now that we've established some content, and have some graphics on our page, it's time to focus on getting a following. Because we're attempting to have consumers use Facebook as a main source of updates and information on Sky Valet we want to ensure our main cliental's aware of our page. Easiest way to do that? Include "Thank You" cards with each purchase! 

The design for these (below) is centered around the simple "Thank You" message. The way they work: print these on some nice card-stock, cut in half (longways) and fold. This results in a two sided card (front logo, back message) with the option of handwriting a note or message inside. 

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