Today marks one of my last days working at The Kogod Center for Career Development (The KCCD for short), and I have to admit, it's a little bittersweet. I've got a long history with that crew; I started there my sophomore year (all the way back in 2011) as an FDC - or Front Desk Coordinator - and am now leaving two years later as a Junior. I'm currently their "Social Media Intern," a position I helped to create and honestly couldn't be happier about that.

Back when I started, I noticed a lacking on-line presence, and thus created and managed their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram handle. And it's taken off since! It's a big part of our Business School's community and lots of students use it as a news-outlet for the latest on Kogod, careers, or events. Today, we've got 323 Facebook likes, 434 followers on Twitter, and 60 followers on Instagram. Our Facebook reaches about 1,500 people, and our most popular post had over 700 organic views. Not too shabby all things considered.

Naturally, I started incorporating some design work with the whole social media thing. I have to say, I did a lot of design work (including redesigning their logo, most graphics on their Facebook page, and pretty much all the photography across the board). Basically, almost everything on that Facebook page was created, designed, or shot by me. It was great having an excuse to create visuals every week, play around with some photos, and just, overall, make our pages visually pleasing, exciting, and informative.

I had a great run ... but I guess it's time to pass the torch.


Even made a movie about KCCDon't that was never really released. A couple of friends and I shot it on a Macbook, so the angle's are a little bit off.

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