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Client - Prologue Profiles

The Original Series

The 'Records at Louis' Pattern

The 'Records at Louis' pattern draws inspiration from the world-renown Louis Vuitton pattern. The pattern features: the lucid dreamcatcher, the dk. logo, and crown and feather graphics

The 'Records at Louis' Pattern features the Lucid dreamcatcher, the dk logo, crowns, and feather graphics

Dream with Care... The Artwork

Dream with Care // Walk with Pride is a street sticker campaign brought to you by Lucid

A message by Lucid, inspired by Melbourne. A closer look into the 'Dream with Care' sticker design.

Dream with Care // Walk with Pride

A street sticker campaign located in Melbourne, Australia. Brought to you by Lucid

A sticker campaign located in and around the Central Business District of Melbourne, Australia.

Southern Link... The Artwork

Seen within the the all seeing eye and pyramid, this graphic design is inspired by the Crux constellation. The dk. Links pattern is also featured.
The Southern Link artwork draws inspiration from the prominent and iconic Crux constellation which overlooks Melbourne from the sky's of the Southern Hemisphere. The design also features dk.'s Links pattern.